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Areas of Practice

My practice is currently focused on Bankruptcy and Divorce / Family Law. I am flexible and creative in my hourly rates and I am always open to negotiating a simple, flat fee rate. Bankruptcies are almost always flat fee unless there are complicated business issues requiring extra due diligence and paperwork. I offer a free consultation to all potential clients. Just call me to schedule an appointment and I will make myself available immediately. As a solo practitioner, I personally handle your case from start to finish. You will not be passed on to a paralegal or junior associate. I realize that Bankruptcy and Dissolution of marriage are stressful, life-changing events. Bankruptcy is your right as an honest debtor who has faced insurmountable financial troubles. I am here to make the transition as smooth as possible. For both Bankruptcy and Dissolution, my goal is to aggressively advocate for you, my client, and explain the process so you have an understanding of what to expect. I don’t want my clients flying blind or feeling patronized. I’ll treat you the way I expect to be treated — with integrity and respect. I need your proactive involvement to do my best work for you and I expect no less from you, just as you would expect the same from me. Once I am retained, we are a team with a common goal of obtaining the best possible outcome for you in the most efficient manner possible.

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief

Chapter 7
Chapter 13
Debt Settlement
Tax Discharge Analysis
Student Loan Negotiations

The bulk of my practice is currently bankruptcy law. I will help you navigate through the intricacies of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceeding, including loan modifications during the pendency of your case, lien strips, and adversary proceedings.

Family Law and Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

I also work with clients who are seeking dissolution of their marriage. Unfortunately bankruptcy and divorce often overlap and I am available to represent you through the entire process, appear on a limited basis, or guide through a DIY process in a cost-efficient manner.

Service Area

I have clients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, including Lancaster, Riverside, Long Beach and of course, the San Fernando Valley. I will travel to elderly and disabled clients’ residences when they are unable to navigate the Los Angeles freeways and I have been known to pick up and drop off elderly clients when court appearances are required. Remember, office visits are not often. While it is critical to meet all of my clients face to face, depending on the circumstances and facts, most activity can usually take place via email and phone after the first few meetings. Important documents needing original signatures can be turned around via regular snail mail. Don’t let space limit your opportunity to utilize great service!

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