The Supreme Court May Weigh In on a Student Debt Battle

I am a big fan of Bloomberg Business. This article regarding Student Debt is insightful and well worth the read. The Article “The Supreme Court May Weigh In on a Student Debt Battle” is worth the read. “One deeply indebted student borrower may become an unlikely hero to the 41 million Americans with education debt.” Continue reading …
Written by Natalie Kitroeff.

Authorities Crack Down on Mortgage-Relief Scams Nationwide!

This article in the Los Angeles Times written by Jim Puzzanghera is one of the many reasons you, as a potential client, must do your own due diligence when seeking legal assistance.  Lawyers are not allowed to take up front fees for loan modifications.  Anyone who guarantees a result regarding loan modification should raise a red flag.

“Federal and state officials filed lawsuits accusing dozens of companies of ripping off struggling homeowners by falsely promising help in avoiding foreclosures or lowering mortgage payments while collecting millions of dollars in illegal upfront fees.”  . . . Continue reading

Student-Loan Straitjacket

Filing for Bankruptcy Usually Ends Up Increasing School-Debt Balances
First posted in the Wall Street Journal on September 30, 2013.
“People struggling to pay down student loans and other debt may resort to filing for bankruptcy, which generally offers a fresh start. But they often end up owing even more on their student borrowing at the end of the process. Read more …